Unlike my mother, who has a whole tray of perfume bottles atop her dresser…I won’t let myself purchase a new perfume unless I have used up everything that I already own.  Once I get a new perfume I have a hard time using up my older perfumes, so pretty much this is a money saving tactic for my checkbook.

With that being said…I totally broke my rule the other day!  Look-y what I purchased while checking out the perfumes at Sephora!

This would be the Chloe Eau de Toilette in the 1 oz bottle…the smallest bottle they make.  I tend to get sick of my perfumes rather quickly and I find that most end up changing how they smell roughly 6 to 7 months after the purchase date.  Plus I have a giant bottle of Gucci Guilty that I still need to get through as well, so I figured that this little guy will last me through Spring.

Oh my gosh, this perfume smells sooooo good!  For those of you who haven’t smelled the awesomeness that is the Chloe Eau de Toilette, the website describes it as having “notes of Rose, Orange Zest, Freesia, Watermelon, Sandalwood, and Iris.”

Ah, I am in luvs…



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