Fun Asian Stationary

My boss recently made a work trip to Hong Kong and she brought me back the below fun Asian stationary!! (In the cool packaging!) (Notebook and Pen taken out of their boxes…the notebook even has a nifty holder for the pen!) Now I am completely unfamiliar with Jetoy and all of their fun kitty stationary…but I am completely obsessed now!  I mean who doesn’t love … Continue reading Fun Asian Stationary

Window Shopping

A few weeks ago I was walking by Nordstroms and was completely stopped in my tracks by their beautiful window displays. I mean everything about these displays were so whimsical and playful!  They were TOTALLY calling my name. Check out the beautiful images that I was able to pull from Nordstroms Blog.   I love the huge flower and butterfly cutouts paired with all of the soft … Continue reading Window Shopping


My favoritest chapstick in the whole entire world would definitely have to be Labello’s Classic Care. The only problem is that Labello isn’t offered in the States…so far I have only been able to find this particular kind of chapstick on my travels to the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Japan. But recently a friend of mine was vacationing in Mexico and look what she brought … Continue reading Labello!

Fancy Pants!

I know that everyone is totally loving the printed skinny denim look… Now don’t get me wrong…I totally love this look!  But I have a feeling that everybody will obsess about it for a hot minute and then the market will be completely over saturated….and everyone will be over it. I mean does everyone remember the twill skinny cargo trend that lasted for about 6 months … Continue reading Fancy Pants!

Miami Beet

Okay, so I think I may have found my new love…OPI’s Miami Beet! Check out how pretty this dark fuchsia nail polish color is!!! (Sorry, its not a picture of the nail polish on my nails…but I thought it would be horribly creepy to take pictures of my hands & feet and then upload the pictures online.) Anyways, two weeks ago I selected this color when … Continue reading Miami Beet

Spring Time Pastels

Well Spring finally made an appearance here in Seattle this week! And anytime there is semi-warm weather and more than 3 days of consecutive sun here in the Northwest it is cause for celebration…even if it is barely hovering over 70 degrees! All that to say, I have been loving the super pale pastel palette that have been trending this Spring.  Especially all of the … Continue reading Spring Time Pastels

Cinco De Mayo Food Trucks & Flowers!

So this post is a wee bit overdue…but I wanted to share with you all what I did over this past Cinco De Mayo! My friend and I decided to go up to Capital Hill for a midday celebration that they were having at one of the larger parks.  Needless to say many yummy vegi tacos were consumed, along with many margaritas, and various other … Continue reading Cinco De Mayo Food Trucks & Flowers!

Bus Adventures 3.0

I don’t know about all of you, but I sorta thought that one should leave their dreamcatchers hanging up at home.  I mean that is where I keep my vast collection of Native American artifacts…ya, right. But check out what this wanderlust bus traveler was sporting on his jacket today!!! Pretty sweet fashion accessory if you ask me!  Maybe this look will start trending soon?! … Continue reading Bus Adventures 3.0