Colorful Hair!

Random little fact about me… I HAVE NEVER EVER COLORED MY HAIR. Crazy, I know! I mean how does one get this far in life without ever dyeing, streaking or highlighting their hair? Well I will tell you… I haven’t ever had the time nor the money to spend on getting my ‘hair did‘ on a regular basis. But lately I have been obsessing over … Continue reading Colorful Hair!

Chuck Taylors!

Woot!  Look what came in the mail today! I happened to be browsing the shoe department at Nordstroms last weekend when my little eye spied this new light blush/nude color of Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers!  Unfortunately they did not have my size in stock, nor did they at any other store location!!  So when the salesperson told me there was only pair in the whole … Continue reading Chuck Taylors!

Headphones & Ear Muffs have a baby?! Say What?!

So if ear muffs and headphones were to have a baby it would look exactly like the below. AWESOMENESS, right?! Go ahead and be jealous…everyone else is. ;) I know it maybe a little past the winter season to be blogging about such a “warm weather” accessory, but I have been using these bad boys so much this week! And every time I put these … Continue reading Headphones & Ear Muffs have a baby?! Say What?!

Travalo Time!

I swear, I have been on the hunt for the perfect perfume atomizer since the day I exited my mothers womb. It hasn’t been an easy task believe me. I came out screaming all of the following requirements: 1.) Must not cost an arm and a leg…needs to be under $30.00. 2.) Must be easy to fill up. I am not going to deal with … Continue reading Travalo Time!