Sweet Perfumes!

Slowly but surely I’ve come to the conclusion that my preference in perfumes tend to resemble that of a 12 year old preteen girl rather than that of a someone in their 30’s. But I can’t help it…I love walking around smelling like cupcakes and candy!! I’ve gone through my fair share of Aquolina Pink Sugar and Prada Candy perfume bottles, so I was more … Continue reading Sweet Perfumes!


Unlike my mother, who has a whole tray of perfume bottles atop her dresser…I won’t let myself purchase a new perfume unless I have used up everything that I already own.  Once I get a new perfume I have a hard time using up my older perfumes, so pretty much this is a money saving tactic for my checkbook. With that being said…I totally broke … Continue reading Chloe

Travalo Time!

I swear, I have been on the hunt for the perfect perfume atomizer since the day I exited my mothers womb. It hasn’t been an easy task believe me. I came out screaming all of the following requirements: 1.) Must not cost an arm and a leg…needs to be under $30.00. 2.) Must be easy to fill up. I am not going to deal with … Continue reading Travalo Time!