Halloween Decor!

I know that these aren’t my most popular blog posts, but I love sharing and posting pictures of my home decor. It’s gives me friends and family (who live in a different state) the opportunity to see how I seasonally decorate my home. :) All that to say…I decided to go with a “vintage” theme this Halloween! I don’t really care for “scary” things…but I … Continue reading Halloween Decor!

My Adorable Little Zombie Plant

For some reason, I detest hearing or saying the words “DIY” or “Do It Yourself.” Let’s be real…DIY is just a fancy new term for CRAFTING! So let me phrase this properly… Look at my adorable little zombie plant that I crafted!! I’ve been wanting to jazz up an old plant of mine and decided to go with a fun Halloween theme!  So I headed … Continue reading My Adorable Little Zombie Plant

Welcoming the Fall Season with Open Arms!!!

Can I just say that I am beyond thrilled that Fall is officially here?! The crisp autumn air, the leaves changing colors and the warm Fall spicy scents…I LOVE IT ALL!!! So this past weekend I decided to dust off all of my Fall Decor from last year + go out and buy a whole bunch of new stuff.  Check out my total Fall Decor … Continue reading Welcoming the Fall Season with Open Arms!!!

Bath and Body Works End of Summer Haul

So I have a quick little end of Summer Bath and Body Works haul that I wanted to share with all of you. Whenever I go into a Bath and Body Works store, I always pick up some of these anti-bacterial hand gels.  They come in super handy, especially with riding the bus.  (Pictured L to R: Japanese Cherry Blossom, I Heart Paris, Dancing Waters, and A … Continue reading Bath and Body Works End of Summer Haul


How pretty are these coasters that I picked up at Anthropologie the other day?! (Anthropologie Celestial Coasters $8.00 each) I’ve been on the lookout for something “organic-y” to add to my nightstands and I knew immediately that these would fit the bill!  I love that something so pretty could also help prevent the dreaded water ring of doom from appearing on wood furniture. :)  The … Continue reading Coasters