My Adorable Little Zombie Plant

For some reason, I detest hearing or saying the words “DIY” or “Do It Yourself.”

Let’s be real…DIY is just a fancy new term for CRAFTING!

So let me phrase this properly…

Look at my adorable little zombie plant that I crafted!!


I’ve been wanting to jazz up an old plant of mine and decided to go with a fun Halloween theme!  So I headed over to one of my favorite Curiosity Shops in Seattle (Ballyhoo) and picked up a pair of old porcelain doll hands.

I then just stuck them in the dirt next to the base of the plant (making sure not to disturb the roots) and voila…I’ve got my very own little zombie plant!!


How freaking adorable is this plant now?!  I am so pleased with how it turned out.  Everyone I have shown it to kind of smirks and then proceeds to tell me how this is totally my style…a little creepy, a little cute. :)




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