Sephora Haul Time!

I always fine it so impressive that I can spend so much $$$ at Sephora and walk away with so little.  It’s like some sort of sick magic trick that happens every single time I walk up to the cash register.  And yet I allow to happen over and over again. :) Well luckily this last trip I didn’t do too much damage, but I … Continue reading Sephora Haul Time!


Perhaps it has something to do with my job…but I fracking love color merchandising!!  I seriously color organize my closet on a weekly basis.  And whenever I see leftover Pantone chips laying around my office I immediately have the urge to put them in the color order! So, why didn’t anyone tell me about the new Sephora Pantone collection?! How pretty are these pallets?  The … Continue reading Pantone


Unlike my mother, who has a whole tray of perfume bottles atop her dresser…I won’t let myself purchase a new perfume unless I have used up everything that I already own.  Once I get a new perfume I have a hard time using up my older perfumes, so pretty much this is a money saving tactic for my checkbook. With that being said…I totally broke … Continue reading Chloe