Bows and Sunnies!!!

While waiting for a good friend to meet me downtown I decided to do a little window shopping. Needless to say “window shopping” turned into “actual purchases”…but I MUST feed my bow obsession.


How cute are these little matte gold bows!! And under $3.00 I could totally justify how these would work within my “I am not purchasing anything this month unless I totally need it” budget plan.

I also heard that it was going to be sunny today, which would make it the first day of sun that Seattle has seen in the past 1,000+ days. Naturally, I didn’t have my sunglasses on me, so I decided to purchase these cheapy-throw away sunglasses while at the cash register. At least I didn’t get swayed by the Prada sunglasses I was lusting after while at Nordstroms!

Cheers to “not” spending money!


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