My Personal Bucket List

For some reason the idea of having a “Bucket List” has come up in various conversations throughout the past couple of weeks and it got me to thinking…why have I never compiled an actual Bucket List? I mean we all have some sort of mental checklist of things that we want to do before we die.  So why not actually put mine down in writing?! … Continue reading My Personal Bucket List

Those are some circus pants!

There really isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t look at patterned fabric.  It is within the very nature of my job to be constantly reviewing plaids, ditzy prints, stripes, geo prints, ect…I feel like I have seen ’em all! But lately I have been noticing something trending that is a little different than the usual pattern stripe…2 color wide vertical stripes on … Continue reading Those are some circus pants!

The quest for perfect skin

I was not blessed with with perfect skin…and around my Freshman year of college I started suffering from numerous bouts of acne breakouts.  I tried all of the over the counter face washes, toners, and moisturizers…Proactive, Neutrogena, & Clean N Clear and nothing really worked. So I decided to make an appointment with a dermatologist that one a friend had recommended.  After a couple dozen … Continue reading The quest for perfect skin

Socks and Sandals? Yes, Please!!

Some of you may find this look, well odd…but I love cutesy socks and heels. Last spring I started wearing fun frilly colorful socks with some of my shorter boots and ankle booties.  I loved that little extra peep of color…but I am ready to try it now with more traditional white frilly socks and heels. I mean seriously…how cute are these pictures? I love … Continue reading Socks and Sandals? Yes, Please!!

Pottery Barn, you get me every time!

Well I found myself inside of a Pottery Barn last weekend…and lets be honest here, this store is solely designed to be a giant money trap. I want, no need, every SINGLE thing inside of this store! Needless to say I purchased something…three “somethings” to be exact. My friends and I were admiring the cute Easter displays and noticed these mercury glass hanging lanterns.  I … Continue reading Pottery Barn, you get me every time!