Bath and Body Works Haul

I can’t ever step into a Bath and Body Works store without buying something.  It’s like the law of gravity or something…like what goes up must come down, but in my case…when I enter a Bath and Body Works store I inevitably walk out having spent money.  And such was the case when I visited a Bath and Body Works store over the weekend.
Luckily this time I walked out only having spent $15. Check out my little haul.


I love the BBW body sprays but I hate the fact that they wear off so quickly. So instead I spray these on my sheets right before I hop into bed or onto my clothes right after I take them out of the dryer. What can I say, I love for everything around me to smell good.

And with these two new sprays Sweet on Paris and Paris Nights everything around me had been smelling super yummy. I can see why everyone has been raving about their “Paris” line!!

And of course you can never have too many little pocket satchel hand sanitizers!  They are the perfect size for me to tote around in my purse.


This time around I picked up the following scents: Warm Vanilla Sugar, Dancing Waters, Ocean, and Paris Amore.

I am so surprised that I wasn’t tempted to pick up any candles. I am really trying to make it a point to use up my current candle stash before I am allowed to buy any new ones.  I am trying to practice good money decisions here folks…keyword here is “trying.”



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