Bows and Sunnies!!!

While waiting for a good friend to meet me downtown I decided to do a little window shopping. Needless to say “window shopping” turned into “actual purchases”…but I MUST feed my bow obsession. How cute are these little matte gold bows!! And under $3.00 I could totally justify how these would work within my “I am not purchasing anything this month unless I totally need it” … Continue reading Bows and Sunnies!!!


Recently, I have been obsessing over jewelry with raw or uncut stones.  Whether it’s delicate raw crystal rings, or geode necklaces or various uncut gem earrings…I WANT IT ALL!!! I recently discovered and have spent numerous hours browsing through all of the beautiful handcrafted jewelry! But I would have to say that the drusy jewelry has mainly captured my attention.  For those of you … Continue reading Raw

Downton Abbey

Like every other living soul out there, I am completely and utterly obsessed with Downton Abbey!!! I love all of the beautiful costumes and the gorgeous scenery.  I mean who wouldn’t want to live inside Downton?! Having watched the first two seasons I find myself naturally gravitating to more lace and beaded art deco-esque objects. I created the below collage with all of the items … Continue reading Downton Abbey

For Love Haul

I will preface this post with the below statement: “Hi my name is Michelle and I am an accessory junky.” Well I happened to find myself inside of a For Love 21 store this past week because my roommate needed to pick up a few things for an upcoming trip.  So, of course I ended up with a bag of goodies that I had never … Continue reading For Love Haul