For Love Haul

I will preface this post with the below statement:

“Hi my name is Michelle and I am an accessory junky.”

Well I happened to find myself inside of a For Love 21 store this past week because my roommate needed to pick up a few things for an upcoming trip.  So, of course I ended up with a bag of goodies that I had never intended on purchasing.  Check out my loot below!

From Top to Bottom, L to R: Bobby Pin Bows $1.50 (for both), Cord and Chain Toggle Bracelet $4.80, Gold Paris Cuff $3.80, Cameo Earrings $2.80 (for each pair).

I already own a pair of the pink cameo earrings and get TONS of compliments every single time I wear them.  So I decided I should get a backup pair along with a set in black.  I bought the two bracelets to stack with some other bangles and the bobby pin bows are just a smaller version of my hair clip bow I showed in my “Bow-tastic” post from a couple weeks back.

Just a word of advice…if you ever see something at Forever 21 that you “kind of” like just purchase it then and there.  More often than not they will be sold out or they will move its location in the store never to be found again.  This at least is how I “justified” these purchases. ;)

Cheers to fun accessories!


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