Lush Fresh Face Mask

I would love to sit here and say that I am one of those girls who tries the newest recipes and can bake all sorts of delicious goodies…but that would be a TOTAL LIE.  To be honest, I sorta believe that my oven is an extra storage space to hold shoes and sweaters & my refrigerator should only filled with water and beauty products.

Check out the current contents…

Yep, that would be water, a LUSH Fresh Face Mask, pickles, yogurt, and Jello.  Its all about necessities here people! ;)

Well about a week ago my skin was feeling like it needed a little pick me up, so I ran into Lush to pick up a face mask.  One of the sales gals helped me to decide on which mask best suited my needs and we landed on the “Cosmetic Warrior.”

I typically can get 5 to 6 uses out of each little container (which lasts a little over a week in the fridge) and every single one of them leaves my skin feeling soft and clean afterwards…and all for $6.95!

Check out the below pictures I took below when I pulled the mask out of the fridge for the first time.

I really enjoyed using this product and thought it did a pretty good job for under $7.00!

Cheers to Face Masks!


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