Asian Grocery Store

Over the weekend I made a little trip to the Asian grocery store because I needed to pick up some collagen face packs (per my dermatologists suggestion)…so I thought I would post a picture of what I picked up! From Top To Bottom, L to R: Hawaiian Hurrican Popcorn (popcorn w/seaweed & rice crackers), Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, Hello Panda Chocolate Filled Cookies, Chocolate & Strawberry … Continue reading Asian Grocery Store

Flash Sale Website Junky

Okay, I’ll admit it…I am *slightly* addicted to Flash Sale Websites. I mean, it wouldn’t be an average weekday morning if I didn’t have to wade through 20+ emails in my inbox telling me about some cheap deal on local wine tastings or some sale on designer shoes. I only mention this because a few weeks ago while perusing Hautelooks’ assortment of daily sales, I … Continue reading Flash Sale Website Junky

Ah, the French Confection….Macaroons!

I believe if I were to ever travel to Paris and view the Eiffel Tower I would look *exactly* like this…  And of course I would be wearing this cute floral dress and adorable straw hat with effortlessly perfectly waved hair. :) And to round out this picturesque scene I would be holding a colorful box of my favorite Le Panier Macaroons! Now I highly … Continue reading Ah, the French Confection….Macaroons!