Happy Valentines Day! <3

While getting ready this morning I was thinking of how excited I use to be as a kid on Valentines Day!  I would have my backpack filled with Lisa Frank Valentines & I couldn’t wait to hand deliver them to each of my classmates.  I even remember what our handmade construction paper Valentines Day card holders that we attached to our desks looked like and how they inevitably always fell apart from the weight of the cards and candy!

While I may still love me some Lisa Frank…I think I have grown up a little bit in regards to what I would give to someone or recieve for Valentines Day.  I think my favorite Valentine item I got this year is this super cute owl “Who Loves You” kitchen towel!

Safe to say if you put super cute pink owls on anything I will love it…no doubt.

I am also loving these super cute nails!  I may have to try this out next weekend!

I would have done this today but who in the world still had those circular reinforcements on hand?!

Cheers to Valentines Day!


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