Happy Valentines Day! <3

While getting ready this morning I was thinking of how excited I use to be as a kid on Valentines Day!  I would have my backpack filled with Lisa Frank Valentines & I couldn’t wait to hand deliver them to each of my classmates.  I even remember what our handmade construction paper Valentines Day card holders that we attached to our desks looked like and … Continue reading Happy Valentines Day! <3

Ah, the French Confection….Macaroons!

I believe if I were to ever travel to Paris and view the Eiffel Tower I would look *exactly* like this…  And of course I would be wearing this cute floral dress and adorable straw hat with effortlessly perfectly waved hair. :) And to round out this picturesque scene I would be holding a colorful box of my favorite Le Panier Macaroons! Now I highly … Continue reading Ah, the French Confection….Macaroons!