Flash Sale Website Junky

Okay, I’ll admit it…I am *slightly* addicted to Flash Sale Websites.

I mean, it wouldn’t be an average weekday morning if I didn’t have to wade through 20+ emails in my inbox telling me about some cheap deal on local wine tastings or some sale on designer shoes.

I only mention this because a few weeks ago while perusing Hautelooks’ assortment of daily sales, I happened across a very inexpensive quilted chain purse for under $20.00!  Needless to say after about 1/2 a minute of debating whether or not to get it (while the 10 minute online cart timer ticked down), I decided to buy it!

Now it has been my life dream (besides world peace) to own a Chanel Quilted Chain Handbag.  Check out the center handbag below and see the beauty I speak of…

 While that is not going to happen anytime soon…I have been on the lookout for something similar.  So that is why I was so happy to find something so inexpensive on Hautelook!

And look what came in the mail today!

I love the “beachy” envelope the receipt comes in…makes me want to head to the beach.

 I think this purse will work out perfectly!  My wallet, phone, keys, and Chapstick all fit inside comfortably.  Can’t wait to start using it sometime this week!  Maybe I will post a few pictures later on!

Cheers to being addicted to good deals!


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