I was recently offered the chance to try DERMABLADING and jumped at the chance.

Now if you’re asking…what the heck is Dermablading here is your answer:

Dermablading is essentially a quick medical procedure that removes dead skin cells from the epidermis.  It is performed by using disposable surgical scalpel to remove the dead skin.  The procedure takes 30 to 60 minutes and is pain free.


(Image from Google Images)

I am totally kicking myself for not taking some before and after pictures…but the difference was pretty amazing!  My skin wasn’t red or anything afterwards…it was just glowy and super smooth!  I freaking loved it!!!

Dermablading is a great alternative for those who like to get regular Microdermabrasion done but don’t want to deal with the redness that often lasts for awhile afterwards.

Now I would only get this done at a very reputable dermatologist or medical facility as we are talking about running a scalpel up and down your face.  But if you ever get the chance to give dermablading a try I would definitely recommend it.



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