Birthday Beauty Haul

My sister was so kind and had a lovely Birthday package sent to me with the below makeup items inside!


Ermahgerd…these products are so pretty!!  Seriously, I can’t contain myself!!!


This Chanel Glossimer Lipgloss in color 46 Giggle is honestly the perfect shade.  It looks really pink in the above pictures, but on my skin it is the perfect nude-y mauve color.  And I love the consistency…tacky without being too sticky.


And I am absolutely in love with this Becca Cosmetics Ombre Rouge Eye Palette!  These colors are so gorgeous and let me tell you, a little bit of product goes a long way!  Let’s just say that I definitely had to take a makeup wipe to my eyelid after I realized how highly pigmented these colors were. :)


I’m so in love with these products!  And they have been so much fun to play with as I have been adding these into my daily makeup routine.  Thanks again sissy! :)



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