Hello Kitty

Umm….how do I say this without sounding like a little Asian school girl?

Oh what the crap, I am half Asian and a little school girl at heart!!


Now I was never into Hello Kitty as a child.  I always thought she was cute, but I was never obsessed with collecting the pens and erasers from the Sanrio store like a lot of the other kids my age.

Instead I was a HUGE fan of Lisa Frank…you better believe I had the two jumping dolphins under the brightly colored rainbow Trapper Keeper!!  And I am going to admit a secret right now, I am currently a fan of the Lisa Frank page on Facebook…*I just cringed a bit while writing that last sentence.*

Well about three years ago my world was turned upside down when my brother left me with this little beauty under the Christmas Tree!!!

And of course I got a cheerleading outfit, while my sister got a soccer outfit for her doll! :)

While I am NOT one of those obsessed Hello Kitty collectors…I do think she is really adorable and it always puts a smile on my face whenever I see her.

A little over a year ago I decided to let my inner whimsical child come out and admitted to many friends, family and coworkers that I loved me some Hello Kitty & the response has been awesome!

I truly believe that most people love Hello Kitty!  And the best part of this has been watching everyone get so excited when they find a little Hello Kitty trinket/gift to give to me or when they email me with some cute picture they found online!!

I have embraced this as part of my childlike behavior and tried to manifest it in the most classy way I know how…by taking my Hello Kitty notebook and Hello Kitty sticky notes into my company business meetings. ;)

Cheers to Hello Kitty Lovers!


P.S. When I buy my high rise condo in some big important city I am going to get that Hello Kitty decal and put it on my floor to ceiling windows as well. :)

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