I’m Back + New Nail Polish Haul!

I’m Back!!!

After months and months of not posting anything on this blog…I am officially back at it!!   Believe me, a day didn’t pass where I didn’t think of posting something.  But I had SO many decisions to make regarding this blog:

1. Like whether or not to turn this blog into a self hosted website.

2. Updating portions of the layout to be more user friendly.

3. And lastly, getting better camera equipment.

All that to say, I pretty much have everything finalized and I should be back to my more regular blog posting schedule! :)

So to make it up to all of you, I thought I would hit you all with your favorite…a nail polish haul!  Cause gurl, who doesn’t love/need more nail polish in their lives?!

DSC00071I decided to stock up on these super cute these Revlon Nail Art Expressionist Duo Ended Nail Polishes!  Check out all of the colors that I picked up below!!


(Revlon #350 Ulterior Motif)


(Revlon #390 Pastel Punk)


(Revlon #330 Silhouette)


(Revlon #380 Post Modern)


(Revlon #370 Jackson Polish)

And what is super awesome about these duo’s is that each one has a super narrow/tapered brush for fine line detailing to create all sorts of different nail art!!  How cool!!


I can’t wait to start using these babies and sharing with you all the fun designs I come up with.  So please keep checking back and I will make sure to upload some pictures!!



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