Korean Beauty Products: Too Cool For School

A coworker of mine was traveling to South Korea for business and was kind enough to pick me up a few items from the Korean beauty brand Too Cool For School!

So before I tear through these products, I thought it would be best to snap a few pictures and share my goodies with you all!!

How adorable it this little lip tint balm?!


I just love the color…it comes off as more of a watermelon color in person.  And can we talk about the packaging?!  I may not be a cat lady, but I do love this cute/creepy kitty drawing on the lid!

 Next up is this Egg Cream Mask!


This is an actual liquid mask, not one of those sheet masks that most Korean beauty brands are known for.  So I am super excited to try this out!!

I have been entertaining the idea of doing a quarterly, or possibly bi-monthly, “favorite items” blog post.  So if that does happen you might just see one of the above products featured! :)



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