City View

Now we all have some sort of picture in our head of what our dream home may look like.  For some it maybe a beautiful two story home with a white picket fence out in the suburbs; or it might even be a peaceful cottage in the country with a wrap around porch.

But for me, I have always gotten the “warm and fuzzy’s” over the thought of living in a high rise condo in the heart of some big metropolitan city.  Someplace that has large windows to gaze out onto the streets to see people coming and going during the day and to watch the little light orbs of street traffic moving at night.

IMG_6530 nightview IMG_6527 paris girlwindow nightsky2

(All pictures are from We Heart It.)

There is something so awesome about city living…I think it has to do with all of the “life” that you are constantly surrounded by.  People constantly coming in, and people constantly going out…



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