Rainy City Nights Are The Prettiest!

Having lived in the Pacific Northwest all of my life, I have learned a thing or two about the rain. So I gathered all that “knowledge” and compile a little list for you all.  Here you go: 1. Although there may not be a cloud in the sky and it’s over 80 degrees out, doesn’t mean that it won’t start raining 5 minutes from now.  Be prepared. … Continue reading Rainy City Nights Are The Prettiest!

City Skylines

If I could spend the rest of my days traveling the world…I would do just that. Now I have been lucky enough to travel to some really awesome places throughout my life and nothing leaves me as awestruck as city skylines.  Check out some of my favorites at night! Bangkok…one of my most favoritest cities in the whole entire world!  I truly loved it here. … Continue reading City Skylines