Okay, so I wouldn’t typically step food inside of a BeBe store…(no hate to those who like or frequent that store; it’s just not my style)…but I did just that the other day!!!

 My friend, who I was shopping with, suggested that we go inside to poke fun at all of the glittery clothing.  And while we did manage to find some awesomely bedazzled garments, I was actually surprised at how much I was digging their jewelry selection!

Check out these super cute earrings that I ended up snagging for $7.50!!

IMG_6492 IMG_6467

Originally they were $24, but they were marked $15.  And then they were having a “take 50% off the last marked price” promotion going on…so I pretty much got these for a steal!!

The Sales lady who was ringing me up ended up giving me some large gaudy shopping bag to carry my new earrings in…which I promptly folded up and put in my purse!  I didn’t want to run into anyone I knew while holding a large BeBe shopping bag, lol.

All joking aside these earrings are super pretty, a lot lighter than they look, and will work any neutral or colorful outfit.  I can’t wait to take them to Hawaii next month!



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