New Perfume!!!

There is something so fun about getting a brand new bottle of perfume.  I always find joy in removing the bottle from the pretty packaging and placing it alongside the rest of my perfume collection.  To be honest, I almost think it’s a family trait!  My mother practically has every inch of her bureau tray covered with various perfumes…and my sister just called me this weekend to tell me about the new perfume she just added to her collection!  Genetics I tell ya!

Recently, I was out with a friend in Ballard and purchased a Royal Apothic Eau De Perfum in the Japonesque scent.  I love the super cute little bottle w/puffer!  And while it it kind of hard to make out, there is a map print on the front of the bottle.


The best way I can describe the scent is “clean.”  It is almost citrus-y, but in a subtle sort of way.  I thought it would be good for the tail end of Spring and Summer!



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