Fancy Pants!

I know that everyone is totally loving the printed skinny denim look…

Now don’t get me wrong…I totally love this look!  But I have a feeling that everybody will obsess about it for a hot minute and then the market will be completely over saturated….and everyone will be over it.

I mean does everyone remember the twill skinny cargo trend that lasted for about 6 months back in 2010?! While the J Brand cargo was great, everyone and their Grandmother copied this trend…you know it is over when Kmart even has their own version.

(J Brands Houlihan)

 So instead I am on the hunt for something a little bit different…can we say woven Palazzo Pants?!

Yup, I said it…its time for a pair of Palazzo’s baby!!!

Check out the below styles that I have been lusting after…so effortlessly cool and chic!

Now, which one should I pick?!  Let the fun begin!

Cheers to Fancy Pants!


2 thoughts on “Fancy Pants!

  1. Oh you have to chose the second from the left on the bottom!!! Florals. They are gorgeous, especially paired with that sleeveless blouse!

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