Faux Fur!

I never thought I would say this…but I am totally digging all of the faux fur that is trending this Fall! So far my obsession has been limited to vest and jackets, but as the colder winter months approach I can see myself becoming more and more obsessed over faux fur hats, scarfs, and other accessories. Here are a few pics to give you a better idea … Continue reading Faux Fur!

Medical Skeleton Graphics + Fashion = Perfect Combo!

So I whole heartily blame my mother for my most recent obsession with curiosities and oddities! Awhile back she had introduced me to a television show regarding the buying and selling of oddities thinking that I would find it fascinating…and boy was she right!!  Now I am not into the truly strange or morbid oddities.  I find that I am definitely drawn towards the more … Continue reading Medical Skeleton Graphics + Fashion = Perfect Combo!

Dressing Down Your Dress Up Clothing

I love taking the more formal clothing items in my wardrobe and pairing them with my more casual clothing pieces and accessories for a cute daytime look. Right now I have been obsessing over long chiffon skirts.  Honestly, you can pair this type of skirt with anything…a chunky sweater, old t-shirt, or funky cardigan and you would look adorable. Here are a few pictures to … Continue reading Dressing Down Your Dress Up Clothing

Those are some circus pants!

There really isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t look at patterned fabric.  It is within the very nature of my job to be constantly reviewing plaids, ditzy prints, stripes, geo prints, ect…I feel like I have seen ’em all! But lately I have been noticing something trending that is a little different than the usual pattern stripe…2 color wide vertical stripes on … Continue reading Those are some circus pants!