About Me

How does one sum up themselves in a few short sentences?  Instead I give to you a couple of random smatterings of who I am. :)

I am at my core a wanderlust child who is just trying to do a bit of good in this world.  I believe in the whimsical things in life and I try to surround myself only with happy thoughts.  I am dork who loves sparkly and girly things.  I am a fashion loving, beauty junky, travelaholic, gnome collecting, Hello Kitty loving gal who is just trying to find a place in this grand world!

I hope my little blog-y rants put a tiny amount of joy into your life.



27 thoughts on “About Me

  1. . It made my day today to find you. I am looking forward to more of your whimsical tales…AM SO PROUD OF YOU TO GET THIS STARTED!!!

  2. Great writing Michelle! Love the filipino food chart and reading about your fashion finds. Very fun blog!

  3. I love your blog! It’s very entertaining/informational. I especially enjoy any posts about Anne of Green Gables, they always make me smile! :) Would you consider writing a post about favorite past tv shows that may have been cancelled, such as I dont know… maybe Roswell…or Black Sash.. I’d love to hear your thoughts….

  4. It did and I’m crazy about your photo at the top! The hearts just make it! Like little pieces of rainbow falling with love around you.

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