Bath and Body Works End of Summer Haul

So I have a quick little end of Summer Bath and Body Works haul that I wanted to share with all of you.


Whenever I go into a Bath and Body Works store, I always pick up some of these anti-bacterial hand gels.  They come in super handy, especially with riding the bus.  (Pictured L to R: Japanese Cherry Blossom, I Heart Paris, Dancing Waters, and A Walk In The Woods.)


Now these little guys are the main reason I went into Bath and Body Works.  I generally keep pretty good stockpile of these Wallflowers, but I noticed that my stash was getting rather low so I picked these 5 up.  (Pictured L to R: Japanese Cherry Blossom, Sunset Beach, Lavender & Vanilla, Sweet Pea and Leaves).

Now it’s time to plug one of these in and get my room place smelling all sorts of lovely!



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