Lip Butters

You know that saying, “If you love something, then you should set it free?”

Well I would totally have to DISAGREE!!

I believe if you love something (especially anything fashion or beauty related) that you should buy one in every single color!

Which leads me into my newest drugstore lip product addiction…REVLON COLORBURST LIP BUTTERS!

Now I will admit that it looks like I own quite a few of these lip butters, but I frackin love this hybrid of a lip stick + a chapstick!  And the pigmentation is AWESOME!

When Revlon first rolled out with these lip butters they were in the new promotional makeup section of the drugstores…so I wasn’t sure if they were they were going to end up in their regular lineup.  So I just made sure to get one in every single color that I wanted to try.  Well luckily they ended up adding these lip butters permanently and can be found at most drugstores for around $5.50-$7.50.

Check out the below close up pictures if you want to see the colors I currently own!

From L to R: 055 Cupcake, 060 Gumdrop, 005 Sugar Frosting, & 095 Creme Brulee

From L to R: 065 Creamsicle, 080 Strawberry Shortcake, 075 Lollipop & 035 Candy Apple

And if you were to ask me which color is my favorite…I would definitely have to say that 055 Cupcake is my favorite pinky nude color for everyday wear, but I also love 075 Lollipop for a fun fuchsia pop color!

Well I hope you enjoyed my little collection…now go get you some!!



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