Sweet Perfumes!

Slowly but surely I’ve come to the conclusion that my preference in perfumes tend to resemble that of a 12 year old preteen girl rather than that of a someone in their 30’s. But I can’t help it…I love walking around smelling like cupcakes and candy!! I’ve gone through my fair share of Aquolina Pink Sugar and Prada Candy perfume bottles, so I was more … Continue reading Sweet Perfumes!

Daiso Haul

Happy 2014 Everyone!  I pray that the new year has been treating you all well!! So I am officially back in Seattle after spending the holidays down in Portland with the family.  And while vacations is fun, it is always nice to return to your own place…your own bed. Yesterday I was down in the International District with a bunch of friends and we happened to … Continue reading Daiso Haul