Bath and Body Works End of Summer Haul

So I have a quick little end of Summer Bath and Body Works haul that I wanted to share with all of you. Whenever I go into a Bath and Body Works store, I always pick up some of these anti-bacterial hand gels.  They come in super handy, especially with riding the bus.  (Pictured L to R: Japanese Cherry Blossom, I Heart Paris, Dancing Waters, and A … Continue reading Bath and Body Works End of Summer Haul


How pretty are these coasters that I picked up at Anthropologie the other day?! (Anthropologie Celestial Coasters $8.00 each) I’ve been on the lookout for something “organic-y” to add to my nightstands and I knew immediately that these would fit the bill!  I love that something so pretty could also help prevent the dreaded water ring of doom from appearing on wood furniture. :)  The … Continue reading Coasters

Home Decor

When it comes to home decor, I naturally gravitate towards the cream and taupe color palettes.  Now I am huge fan of color, especially vivid jewel tones…but when it comes to my home I love the simplicity and cozy aspect of neutrals. Plus there is always the option to cycle in different colored accents (vases, picture frames, throw pillows) to update the look from time … Continue reading Home Decor

Christmas Presents Part Deux

And here is the second half of my Christmas Present Haul…please make sure to check out my prior blog post for the first part. :) How cute are these blue and gold Kate Spade earrings that Santa left for me under the Christmas Tree?!I have always been partial to simple stud earrings.  And I have actually been eyeing all of the different Kate Spade “bow” … Continue reading Christmas Presents Part Deux

Pottery Barn, you get me every time!

Well I found myself inside of a Pottery Barn last weekend…and lets be honest here, this store is solely designed to be a giant money trap. I want, no need, every SINGLE thing inside of this store! Needless to say I purchased something…three “somethings” to be exact. My friends and I were admiring the cute Easter displays and noticed these mercury glass hanging lanterns.  I … Continue reading Pottery Barn, you get me every time!