Christmas Food Coma

I love coming home for the holidays and spending time with my family and all…but I feel like I have been living in a holiday food coma for the past couple of days!!! Typically, I don’t eat large meals throughout the day.  I tend to graze on snacks and small meals…but at my parents house it’s a different story!  There are too many treats laying … Continue reading Christmas Food Coma

Post Holiday Blues

Well with the holidays completely behind us…I can officially say that I am experiencing the post holiday blues. Going back to work and working a full work week is definitely taking some getting use to.  Especially when I have only worked a handful of days over the past couple of months!!! Anyways, there are still a few things that make me “holiday happy” and one of … Continue reading Post Holiday Blues

Cinco De Mayo Food Trucks & Flowers!

So this post is a wee bit overdue…but I wanted to share with you all what I did over this past Cinco De Mayo! My friend and I decided to go up to Capital Hill for a midday celebration that they were having at one of the larger parks.  Needless to say many yummy vegi tacos were consumed, along with many margaritas, and various other … Continue reading Cinco De Mayo Food Trucks & Flowers!


I have been craving lumpia since I posted about Filipino Food last week!!! Well look what I got over this past weekend!! BAM!!!  Thats right it would be some vegetarian lumpia with sweet chili sauce!!  Its okay to be jelly! One of my favorite Filipino food trucks happened to be at a street fair I was at so I had to get a bunch for … Continue reading Lumpia

Filipino Food

To all of my fellow Filipino’s check out this funny food diagram I came across!! My favorite picture above has to be the Balut…”you know you’re curious.”  I seriously couldn’t stop laughing so hard when I saw that one along with the Chocolate Meat picture!! I guess much of this explains why I have been a vegetarian for the past 14 years, ha!  But to … Continue reading Filipino Food

Asian Grocery Store

Over the weekend I made a little trip to the Asian grocery store because I needed to pick up some collagen face packs (per my dermatologists suggestion)…so I thought I would post a picture of what I picked up! From Top To Bottom, L to R: Hawaiian Hurrican Popcorn (popcorn w/seaweed & rice crackers), Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, Hello Panda Chocolate Filled Cookies, Chocolate & Strawberry … Continue reading Asian Grocery Store