Merry Christmas!

Well Christmas day has come and gone…and to be honest, it wasn’t really what I had initially envisioned or planned on. I mean it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great.  Christmas is just really different when both of my siblings are out of the state and I am the only “child” at home with my parents. My Dad made some traditional Filipino food for Christmas … Continue reading Merry Christmas!


I have been craving lumpia since I posted about Filipino Food last week!!! Well look what I got over this past weekend!! BAM!!!  Thats right it would be some vegetarian lumpia with sweet chili sauce!!  Its okay to be jelly! One of my favorite Filipino food trucks happened to be at a street fair I was at so I had to get a bunch for … Continue reading Lumpia

Filipino Food

To all of my fellow Filipino’s check out this funny food diagram I came across!! My favorite picture above has to be the Balut…”you know you’re curious.”  I seriously couldn’t stop laughing so hard when I saw that one along with the Chocolate Meat picture!! I guess much of this explains why I have been a vegetarian for the past 14 years, ha!  But to … Continue reading Filipino Food