Labello 2.0

Guess what has got me smiling from ear to ear?!  That’s right…I got me a brand new Labello!!  One of my coworkers just got back from a work trip to Hong Kong and picked me one up while she was out and about.  I have yet to find another chapstick or lip balm that quite compares to the Labello Classic!  My lips are soooo happy … Continue reading Labello 2.0


My favoritest chapstick in the whole entire world would definitely have to be Labello’s Classic Care. The only problem is that Labello isn’t offered in the States…so far I have only been able to find this particular kind of chapstick on my travels to the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Japan. But recently a friend of mine was vacationing in Mexico and look what she brought … Continue reading Labello!