Up, Up and Away!!!

One of my friends just came to visit me while I was studying at a local coffee shop & was telling me about how he just got done purchasing some balloons for his Grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary. And it got me to thinking…I want to go around town holding a crap ton of lovely colored balloons! I mean how much fun would that be?! Now … Continue reading Up, Up and Away!!!

Fancy Pants!

I know that everyone is totally loving the printed skinny denim look… Now don’t get me wrong…I totally love this look!  But I have a feeling that everybody will obsess about it for a hot minute and then the market will be completely over saturated….and everyone will be over it. I mean does everyone remember the twill skinny cargo trend that lasted for about 6 months … Continue reading Fancy Pants!

Cinco De Mayo Food Trucks & Flowers!

So this post is a wee bit overdue…but I wanted to share with you all what I did over this past Cinco De Mayo! My friend and I decided to go up to Capital Hill for a midday celebration that they were having at one of the larger parks.  Needless to say many yummy vegi tacos were consumed, along with many margaritas, and various other … Continue reading Cinco De Mayo Food Trucks & Flowers!