Whimsical Sweaters

I hate to admit it, but the Fall season is here. And while I necessarily don’t enjoy the colder weather or the rain, I love Fall fashion! I have seriously been loving all of the whimsical sweaters I have been seeing in the stores. ¬†Especially the sweaters with single adorable cutesy graphics! Here is a few of the sweaters that I have been “eyeing” thus … Continue reading Whimsical Sweaters

Headphones & Ear Muffs have a baby?! Say What?!

So if ear muffs and headphones were to have a baby it would look exactly like the below. AWESOMENESS, right?! Go ahead and be jealous…everyone else is. ;) I know it maybe a little past the winter season to be blogging about such a “warm weather” accessory, but I have been using these bad boys so much this week! And every time I put these … Continue reading Headphones & Ear Muffs have a baby?! Say What?!