Ethereal Portraits

Much in the same way that I love surrealistic art (see my last post), I have also been drawn to ethereal nature-y (is that even a word?) portraits. Here are just a few of my favorites… The focus and the lighting truly makes these images so romantic.  I love the use of nature in each of these pictures…from the trees to the water…each play an … Continue reading Ethereal Portraits

Journey…and I ain’t talkin about the band.

I know that this is sort of random and all…but I have been finding myself really drawn to surreal digital photography as of late. I find it so interesting how an artist can create something so whimsical yet so dark at the same time.  I love it! So far my favorite image has to be “Journey” by Leszek Bujnowski; which I found a couple of … Continue reading Journey…and I ain’t talkin about the band.