City Skylines

If I could spend the rest of my days traveling the world…I would do just that. Now I have been lucky enough to travel to some really awesome places throughout my life and nothing leaves me as awestruck as city skylines.  Check out some of my favorites at night! Bangkok…one of my most favoritest cities in the whole entire world!  I truly loved it here. … Continue reading City Skylines

Like Butter Part Deux!

I completely forgot to mention in my last post that Jewelmint was giving out two free Butter Nail Polishes with every purchase!  I have no idea how I forgot to mention this extra awesomeness that arrived with my Lovely Audrey Earrings!! Check out the two polishes that they sent me!! So pretty!  I can’t wait to try them out along with the glittery Butter Nail … Continue reading Like Butter Part Deux!


I love Kiehl’s products…everything from their Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter to their infamous lip balms.  So when they came out with their Ultra Facial Oil-Free 3 Step Kit I purchased myself a set! Now, I am not even going to lie.  I purchased these way back in February and placed them in my medicine cabinet where they laid untouched until 2 … Continue reading Kiehl’s

Alice in Wonderland

I have always loved the whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland. Now I am pretty sure that my love of the books and movies all stem from Alice’s super cute outfit!  I want to be wearing that adorable blue dress with the white apron, white stalkings, black mary jane shoes and black hair ribbon!!! So needless to say when I received my December 2003 Vogue in my … Continue reading Alice in Wonderland

Australia Bound!

So its officially in the works…I am going to Australia sometime in the late Fall/Winter! Why you ask?!  To visit my best friend of 22 years, Kristin! I believe this picture was taken during one of our first grade field trips.  P.S. I was so rocking that vertical stripe jumper!! And for a more recent picture…. Kristin is more than a best friend…she is like … Continue reading Australia Bound!