Light & Girly vs. Dark & Edgy

I was just looking at my calendar yesterday and noticed that I am booked up until the end of the month with holiday festivities!  Now while this makes me honestly super happy, I am already stressing about what to wear! I have been doing some window shopping online and I seem to be drawn to either Light & Girly looks -or- Dark & Edgy looks! … Continue reading Light & Girly vs. Dark & Edgy

Bestest Friend!!!

Here is a little blog shout out to my most bestest friend in the whole entire world…Kristin The Krazy!! Like I had mentioned in a prior post, she currently lives in Australia…which according to Google Maps is just 13,374 mile jaunt from my doorstep to hers!  So close, right?! Well recently, I came across the below picture and I immediately thought of Kristin!!  I swear … Continue reading Bestest Friend!!!

A Pink Christmas!!!

I have not decorated a Christmas Tree in years! My roommate and I have two very sad excuses for trees….Mini Tree and Goldie Tree!  And while we love these little trees for various reason that I can’t even get into right now as it would take me days to blog about…they aren’t the same thing as having a real tree. As a child I remember … Continue reading A Pink Christmas!!!

Rhubarb Republik

One of my dear friends has diligently been working on marketing and expanding the apparel brand agency Rhubarb Republik in South Korea!  She has taken on the Korean translation and media marketing for this project all by herself…and I couldn’t be more proud of her, as I know firsthand that this is no small feat! I wanted to help spread the word, so I thought … Continue reading Rhubarb Republik

Celine Luggage Tote

So I know that everyone has been rocking the Celine Luggage Handbag Tote lately…but am I the only one who sorta thinks the front of this handbag looks like the face of a robot sticking its tongue out? Move over LV Speedy…it’s all about the robot faced handbags now!  Ha. Not gonna lie, I wasn’t immediately attracted to this bag because of the shape (I … Continue reading Celine Luggage Tote


Fall is finally here and I can’t begin to tell you how happy this makes me!!! Time for pumpkin spice latte’s and warm scarves!! So one trend that I have been loving thus far is the use of the color oxblood…especially in accessories and shoes!! I just love how rich this color looks!  It is such a classy color, but different from the typically black … Continue reading Oxblood