Christmas Presents Part Deux

And here is the second half of my Christmas Present Haul…please make sure to check out my prior blog post for the first part. :) How cute are these blue and gold Kate Spade earrings that Santa left for me under the Christmas Tree?!I have always been partial to simple stud earrings.  And I have actually been eyeing all of the different Kate Spade “bow” … Continue reading Christmas Presents Part Deux

Christmas Presents

I have always loved reading haul blog posts…especially Christmas and Birthday present hauls! So I thought it would be fun to share all of the wonderful fashion, home decor, and beauty related gifts that I was blessed with from my loved ones this past Christmas.  So let’s get started!! My brother was super generous this year and gifted me with 3 awesome pairs of Nike … Continue reading Christmas Presents

Sweat Shirt Meets Pencil Skirt!

I find it kind of funny how everyone is going ga-ga over pencil skirts this Fall.  I mean, I love them too…but I am a little bored with the traditional fabrics, colors, and styling.  Been there, done that.  But I am loving the pencil skirts made out of french terry (sweat shirt) material…especially those with angular wrap details! Here are a few examples from Free … Continue reading Sweat Shirt Meets Pencil Skirt!