Swamp Queen Tarte Palette

I have to admit it, I am not an avid GRAV3YARDGIRL watcher on YouTube…I mean I have caught her videos here and there, but just generally when she pops into my “suggested” video’s.

So when I started to hear all the “hype” about her new makeup collection with Tarte, I knew I needed to check it out.  But to my dismay, Tarte’s freaking website was always sold out…Ulta was completely sold out in store and online…and Sephora didn’t have them in stock for the longest time.

Then one fateful day, a good friend of mine (who knew I was desperate for this palette) noticed that the collection was in stock at Sephora!  He was kind enough to snag me one of the last remaining palettes…God Bless his soul (this is where good friends are very vital to ones happiness…joking, but not joking).

Anyways, how gorgeous are these colors?!


I’ve been using this palette for the past couple of days and can already tell that I will get tons of use out of all of these colors!  The top row of shadows will come in super handy with the peachy-apricot makeup look I’ve been sporting on these hot summer days!  OMG, I love new makeup…ha.



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