Can it just be Fall already?!

I don’t know about you, but I am SO over the summer heat!

The Pacific Northwest wasn’t made to handle this type of weather.  No one here has central AC.  We pretty much make due with fans and trying to stay as cool as possible.

So when I saw that Bath and Body Works (yes, I was in the mall to soak up the free air conditioning) started to carry their fall scents I was totally on board!  At this point I support anything that will bring me closer to lower temperatures and the fall crisp air.

Now I still have plenty of left over fall candles from last year, but I knew I was low on my wall flower plugins.  So here is what I picked up:


I can’t wait to try these babies out!  I have always been partial to “spice” scents so I am sure I will love all of these!  Have you have picked up any new “fall” items from Bath and Body Works?  Let me know down in the comments as I am always curious to try new products!



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