Kitty Skeleton Candle

Okay, how adorable is this PyroPet Kitty Candle?!

IMG_0012 IMG_0015 IMG_0017

One of my dear friends heard me squealing when I spotted this adorable candle at Nordstrom awhile back…so he gifted me with this candle over the holidays!!  I finally just finished my last holiday scented candle and thought I would bust out my new candle and share a few pictures with all of you!

And the best part is that there is a metal kitty skeleton that reveals itself as the was slowly melts!!

IMG_0018 IMG_0021

 How cool is that!!  You all know how I love that mix of girly meets creepy…and this is the perfect balance!

I will try and share a few pictures of the candle melting and what the metal skeleton looks like once I am finished with the candle!!  Unfortunately, it looks like Nordstrom is sold out of this candle, but I know you can get it via the actual Pyro Pet Candle Company website if you are interested!!!



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