Caeden Headphones

I have been on the hunt for some stylish, yet good quality, headphones for the longest time.

I’ve read all the reviews and looked at all the options.  I’ve also consulted a few different tech-savvy friends and they all suggested I go with the Linea over the ear headphones by Caeden.



I love the super clean lines + I fell in love with the white and rose gold colorway!!  And for the amount of time I’ve tested these headphones, I find that they are super comfortable when worn for extended periods of time.  I generally find that most over the ear headphones are too heavy or hurt my ears because of the pressure.  Also, the sound quality is great for my purposes (honestly I just use them to listen to music) and I love the look of them!!

I am not going to lie, these headphones are on the pricey side…but I’ve seen a few flash site sales (GILT Groupe) on these headphones.  So, if your shopping for some new over the ear headphones I would definitely recommend these headphones!


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