My First Cat Cafe Experience!

I have been super blessed in the fact that I’ve been able to travel all over Asia throughout my lifetime…but I have never had the opportunity to visit one of those super cute cat cafes I’ve also ways read about or seen pictures of in Japan and Hong Kong!

Well that has all changed now because Seattle just got its very Cat Cafe…Seattle Meowtropolitan!!

As soon as my group of friends found out they were officially open we made reservations online (they were booked solid for the first couple of weeks) and decided to make a Sunday afternoon of it.

Not gonna lie, we were all definitely channeling our inner Grandma.

-Dinner and Drinks at 4:30pm.

-Played with Kitties from 6:00-7:00pm.

-Home and in Bed by 8:30pm.

(Pretty epic if you ask me, he he.) 

As soon as we got to the cafe we all ordered a drink (I got a Italian Soda) and a kitty themed dessert (I got a macaroon).  And then for the next hour we proceeded to play and pet all of the kitties in the designated kitty area.  Here are a few pictures from that evening:

IMG_3141 IMG_3220

I found out, after speaking to one of the employees, that they have over 20 shelter cats currently residing @ the cafe!  There is a little doggy door to a separate room where the cats can rest/sleep if they don’t want to be around people.

And what is even more awesome is that most of these cats are available for adoption through one of local animal shelters!!  We had a blast and we already have plans to come back for some more kitty loving.



(the non-owning crazy cat lady)

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