My Tried and True Shampoo and Condition Set!

I like to switch up my Shampoo and Conditioner game rather frequently.  See, I have pretty thin and lifeless hair…so if I don’t constantly mix things up my hair tends to lose volume and lays pretty flat to my head (hello greaseball!).

So at any given time there might be up to 10 different Shampoo and Conditioner sets lining my bathroom shower.  But the brand that I keep on purchasing over and over again happens to the Morrocan Oil Extra Volume set.

I picked up another set this past weekend and thought I would take a quick picture to share with all of you!


I love how this stuff makes my hair smell + how soft it makes my hair feel without weighing it down.  And while this isn’t the cheapest Shampoo and Conditioner out there, I love indulging every once and awhile!



6 thoughts on “My Tried and True Shampoo and Condition Set!

  1. I think we have the exact same hair issues. I’ve been wanting to try something new, so I will try this. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Have you tried Marc Anthony line? I just love them! I wrote about my experiences with Argan Oil line in past week. You might want to check it out 😊

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