Doing My Best To Avoid Ugly Age Spots!

This past weekend I was out shopping and happened across a brand new little shop that popped up in my neighborhood called Aesop.  Now I want to say that I’ve seen this brand at Barney’s before, but I’ve never seen a stand alone store.  So I was super eager to check it out.  I mean let’s face it, if there is some new beauty product or brand out there…I will try it!

I really wish I would have taken a picture while I was inside the shop to share with all of you because they had all of their products displayed in such a clean, minimalist fashion…which I loved!  And they have little sink stations set up throughout so you can test the products right then and there.

Now I really don’t need to buy any new serums, facial washes, or face moisturizers…I have a small stock pile that could probably last me the next two years.  So I thought I would test out their Body Lotion with Sunscreen SPF 50.


I loved how quickly this lotion absorbed into my skin and how I wasn’t left with that typical “tacky” sunscreen feeling afterwards.  I am planning on using this on my hands every morning before I head out for the day.  Little known fact about me: I am deathly afraid of developing sun and age spots on my hands.  So I am hoping that by applying sunscreen to my hands everyday I will help avoid those pesky little spots!!

I will have to let you all know if I end up going back and purchasing any other products.  And let me know if the comments below if any of you have tried out this brand before and what product(s) I should try out next!


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