A Whimsical Tale Of Wanderlust Blog Update!

As you may have noticed things are looking a bit different here on A Whimsical Tale Of Wanderlust!

I am so excited to be able to finally share with all of the new features and layout that you will be seeing go forward!  First things first…I am finally able to link all of my various forms of SOCIAL MEDIA on my home page!  You can now find permanent links to my Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, We Heart It & RSS feeds in the upper right hand corner of my home page.  So please add me as I would love to communicate with all of you in as many different ways as possible!

Now perhaps the biggest change overall here is the layout.  I am finding that the menu’s are a lot easier to navigate and I think the overall readability (is that even a word?) is way more user friendly.

So I hope you all are lovin’ this new layout as much as I am.  And prepare yourself for more awesome blog posts to come in the near future!



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